srijeda, 28. svibnja 2014.

Polka dot

Today,my photographer and I took many pictures on a different interesting locations. I hope you're gonna like those locations, and of course my outfit. 
 Shirt: Vintage
Pants: Vintage 
Heels: Graceland 
Bag: Mötivi 
Glasses: Vintage

I love you. Emra

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  1. Ponosan sam na tebe. Sve je čista desetka, samo naprijed :*

  2. Odusevljena sam, i outfitom i fotografijama :) Svaka cast!

  3. Dear, your blog is amazing! i’m impressed by your design & photos!
    and you outfits deserve separate attention!
    everything is magnificent! would you like to follow each other?

    will be happy to see you in my blog)


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