nedjelja, 28. srpnja 2013.

I love my skirt

Ljeto. Sunce. Prijatelji. Moda. Šareni print. Sunčanje. Prskanje vodom. Jednostavno uživanje!
Ljeto, volim te.

Top: No name
Suknja: Terranova
Naočale: New Yorker
Narukvice: No name and DIY

Summer. Sun. Friends. Fashion. Colorful print. Sunbathing. Splashing water. Simply enjoy! 
 I love summer.

Top: No name 
Skirt: Terranova
Glasses: New Yorker 

Bracelets: No name and DIY

utorak, 16. srpnja 2013.


Combination black and white is allways perfect. 
I like it a lot. I think that is elegant and you can allways wear, in every occasions.
This dress is just that, elegant and comfortable.

With love, your Emra.

srijeda, 3. srpnja 2013.

On the river

I make this post to show you my favourite dress and hat. I chose this place because is beautiful. The river is clean and cold. But we are here to talk about fashion. Do you like my summer outfit?